The electronic label applicator has a Stainless steel base plate with PVC rollers guiding the Label around the machine. The label applicator has the following  specifications:

·         Maximum Label Height –          up to 140mm

·         Maximum Label Length-           210mm

·         Maximum Bottle Diameter-       ø95mm

·         Core size – 40mm

·         Full Roll Maximum outside diameter –              240mm

·         Maximum Label dispensing speed 18m/min and limited to 40 labels per minute

·         Start Stop Sensors are in fixed positions and setup is done via potentiometer

·         A Stainless steel frame supports the labeller as well as the conveyor and Wrap Around unit

·         Industrial motor and Gearbox

·         400mm Fixed Speed Wrap Around Unit with a 75mm High belt

·         Maximum bottle diameter 95mm

·         1.25m Stainless Steel Fixed speed conveyor

·         Manufactured in South Africa so spares are readily available