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Process Gear Filler

Process Gear Fillers are primarily suited for clear liquids such as lubricant, oil, shampoo, lotion etc. This Process Gear Filler also has a semi automatic and automatic function with the option to change controls via the HMI touch screen

Technical Specifications

  • This Process Gear Filler makes use of a gear pump as a metering device for accurate filling.
  • 20 counts per revolution, filling volume is adjusted by 5ml to a few litres. Filling accuracy is approx 0.5%
  • The Process Gar Filler speed is controlled by the drive and PLC which is adjustable from 0 to full speed.
  • Optional is a pneumatic shut-off nozzle to prevent dripping and loss of product.
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in Priming function