About Us

Why do we do what we do?

 We aim to understand, build and support small business owners and entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and allied industry, as we understand the challenges that new business ventures face during the start-up, growth or transition phases.. Process Tanks is situated in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. We specialise in New and Second Hand Equipment and maintenance of machinery for the industry. Process Tanks as a business is at the forefront of a support-led evolution in the small business and entrepreneurial industry and this partnership brings together the practical expertise of our key role-players, which span over a combined period of 70years. This gives you the advantage.

What sets us apart?

 At Process Tanks and Equipment, we value the importance of meaningful, long-term client relationships. We have adopted a service orientated philosophy which is based on aligning your unique needs and requirements for your business, ensuring we embark on a long-term relationship as we journey together in building and supporting your business. Our main aim is to provide you with peace of mind. We aim to understand, build and support your business and we encourage honest conversations throughout the process. This approach enables us to have meaningful discussions with you about the growth prospects embedded with-in your business. Once we’ve established what your unique needs are, our specialists are in a better position to create and implement an effective project plan, perfectly tailored to you.

How do we do it?

Process Tanks forms the framework for holistic project management solutions. It includes a full suite of support solutions and specialist capabilities to manage your business from a technical and equipment support point of view. This gives you access to a focussed objective, in a single place, at a single glance. We use interactive processes and equipment to help us craft and support your project. This ensures that you remain on track to achieve your project goals and outcomes. With-in this framework we offer an effective maintenance and support process, as well as the choice and flexibility which dove-tails with the terms of implementation options. Through Process Tanks, you have access to leading local and international suppliers and their expertise to ensure that your project plan is effectively implemented and managed according to your unique needs.

The benefits of working with us?

  •  WIDE-RANGING SOLUTIONS: Extensive practical experience in the food, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry means our participation with your project is managed to remain relevant and suited to the required outcomes. Where this objective is compromised, trade-offs are discussed and presented for consideration and implementation, in collaboration with the client.
  • UNCOMPROMISING CLIENT ATTENTION: The project plan that you need in order to achieve growing your business is at the core of our service offering. The main objective of the plan is not to provide the most popular outcome but to help you achieve your businesses real potential over a period of time.
  • ALIGNMENT: Since there is a clear mapping of your project plan to the growth outcome, you’re assured that the equipment and support provided is perfectly aligned to your business objectives.
  • LONGER-TERM PARTNERSHIP: The use of a maintenance plan should reduce wealth-destroying influences. This is especially the case during times of uncertainty. It will support and encourage peace of mind in line with regulatory requirements such as HACCP over the long term. The maintenance plan is designed to meet the required objectives for the operational period. This is actively managed and supported by our team of experienced Technicians.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: You have access to flexible solutions for your unique requirements, both locally and internationally. The business you are dealing with has a good track record and a sound business philosophy – all at a reasonable price.



Process Tanks and Equipment design and manufacture Ribbon Blenders for dry powders. We have also designed a conveying system to load the conveyor in various capacities from 500kg/hour to 10 000 kg/hour. The Ribbon blenders vary from 250L to 3000L and are fully manufactured from stainless steel. We have also manufactured a batch controlled filling system from 100 grams to 60 kg directly from the Ribbon Blender. Process Tanks and Equipment has completed many projects for juice, carbonated drinks, dairy products, premix products, cheese, yogurt and micro-breweries to name but a few. Our footprint has extended to markets such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Seychelles, Uganda, Mauritius, Malawi, and others… Filling, labelling and various packaging equipment is manufactured to our clients requirements from gravity filling to viscous products to more difficult applications like bleach. We have a successful track record with implementing and managing “Preventative Maintenance Programs” on behalf of our clients and run a comprehensive project management solution. Our further areas of expertise and our product range extend and include, but is not limited to: Tri-Blenders, Mixers, Carbonated Fillers, Gravity Fillers, Piston Fillers, Tanks, Dairy equipment, Sachet Machines, Powder Fillers Filling Lines , Pumps Pipe Installations Stainless Steel Tanks, Labelling Machines, Stainless Steel Pumps


Tony Kilian

Tony is the principal director of Process Tanks and Equipment. Tony has been operating within the stainless steel industry for close on 20 years of which the last 16 years has been spent doing project planning for small business.

Johann Kilian

Johann has extensive experience in the stainless steel food, pharmaceutical and beverage industry. He was previously a business owner that specialised in providing these services. Johann has over 40 years’ industry experience and is a valuable asset to the business. He spent the last 3 years focusing on providing consulting and specialist services to Process Tanks and Equipment.

Julian Oosthuizen

Julian has extensive and practical experience in the industry, which he expanded upon over the last 12 years since he joined Process Tanks as a technician. He was previously a business owner and fully supports our service philosophy. Julian is responsible for managing the technical support of most of our project plans. As a team we focus on the individual needs of each client whilst striving to provide excellent after-sales service and technical support. All of our technicians ensure that the necessary training is provided during on-site commissioning. Our clients enjoy access to our factory for purposes of viewing equipment, servicing the equipment and the manufacturing thereof. Our dedicated team of artisans further endeavour to manufacture quality Stainless Steel Tanks and Machinery at affordable and competitive prices. All the machinery supplied is followed-up with assistance during commissioning and training as part of our commitment to customer services.


  • Workable solutions for your project, using a single supplier providing an overarching support service throughout the process.
  • One access point to a full suite of technical and equipment solutions
  • Clear purchase and project cost options that are fairly priced
  • Tailored project support and design aimed to achieve your outcomes at a suitable level of risk
  • Access to specialist resources and expertise, locally or abroad with external specialists incorporated where required.